Energy From Waste

Energy From Waste

Environmental Benefits

BeBlock can cut your food waste and, in the process, create clean energy in situ. As a result, this means that you can minimise the build-up of food waste at your premises instantly.

Waste Reduction

waste reduction

The reduction in waste via BeBlock also has wider reaching effects because, as the device is located on your site, waste can be recycled almost immediately.

It also means that you are helping to lower vehicle movements associated with waste collection activities.



There are significant benefits when it comes to removing the storage of food waste.

As food waste can be put through BeBlock, on a daily basis, it helps to minimise the amount of waste being stored for longer periods at your premises.

This offers a more hygienic solution and can help to decrease the risk of vermin and germs around waste collection areas.

Clean Emissions

Reduced Emission

BeBlock does not release carbon back into the atmosphere and no methane is produced during the digestion process.

The device will be one of the most environmentally friendly biofuels waste to energy, products available on the market.